There is no clear definition of biohacker as its addition in the vocabulary is rather new,
but to put it simply biohacker is anyone who uses science and technology
to make his or her body function better and more efficiently, through biohacking.

Biohacking is exactly what the namesake implies, hack in your own biology by utilizing the significant advances made primarily in the fields of biology, bioengineer and Cybernetics.

From changing any aspect on our physiology to stopping –even reverse- aging;
From tweaking a better person of thyself to eliminating genetic diseases
and from mending physical disabilities to enhancing them.

We are as a species on the threshold of redefining the borders of our biological limitations.
The betterment of humanity, once considered a matter of mind or spirit, is now of body as well.
Embed chips beneath the skin to use as keys and hold your passwords or micro-magnets in your fingertips,
so you can feel electric currents. Instruct your body to increase or decrease its muscle matter;
Change the color of your left eye.

Biohacker is anyone who acknowledges and salutes these tools and practices that enables humans
to became more than they could ever be, and not only dream but dare to push the envelope,
the boundaries of what constitutes a human being.