Meander – What is it
The most ancient symbol, Meander is a symbol of Victory and Unity, a symbol of Infinity and Eternal Life.
Symbolizes the feelings of infinity and the endless one hand, the accuracy and completion on the other hand.
Already from classical period, meander represented the artistic expression of ancient greek thought with the harmonious maching of opposites.
In ancient greece meander symbolize the endless flow of time and the integrable of repeated time cycles.
Water as a source of life and the inevitable decline, Death, that at the same time is Born and a new beginning.
The enigmatic and unknown adventures of destiny and the movement in a certain direction from the birth and starting point to the wide horizons of the unknown.
(grip) -The grasp of Chiron or The grasp of Meander by Isiodos one Mortal, the king of Fthia, Pileus, defeated and married a Goddess.
Sometime in the moonlight he saw a goddess to dance with the daughters of water (Nereids : on fairies).
She was goddess Thetis who the prophecy of Prometheus forced her to marry a Mortal.
So that is not born he who would upset the powerful Zeus.
Pileus was suffered from the divine beauty but how could a Mortal have a goddess?
He asked Chiron the wisest, which lived up to Pelion.
He said: “If you saw her again dancing in the same place at night, grab her really tightly in your arms.
Do not let her as though she is changing forms, even if she become a snake, lion or fire, water to escape”.
Pileus passion for the goddess overtook and defeated patiently all her transformations of the angry, by holding her with a grasp, tightly in his arms, with the grasp of Chiron or Meander.
From the ancient angiographic reconstructions suggested that the grasp of Chiron or the grasp of Meander was the special, perhaps sanctuary emblem of God fighters Greek Heroes.